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Detailed Introduction

Product introduction:

When using this type of stereoscopic lens, once the object is focused, you can change the focus at will according to your needs without refocusing. SMZ series microscopes are widely used in the electronics and precision machinery industries to assemble and inspect products. This microscope is especially suitable for observing the fine structure of irregular objects in high resolution and imaging wide field of view. It is also suitable for teaching in schools and hospitals, as well as in agriculture, forestry, medical services, geography, archaeology and biology.

·3D system is infinite variable
·10X square eyepiece with rubber eye patch
·Binocular head with a third vertical tube
·Adjustment range of pupil distance: 55mm - 75mm
·Horizontal focusing device is provided on both sides of the observation head
·Total magnification: 10X to 40X
·Field of view: 23mm -- 5.5mm (diameter)
·Working distance: 85mm
·20W fluorescent transmission light source (bottom)
·75mm frosted glass carrier table
·10W halogen incident light source (top), brightness adjustable
·Three switches control top light, bottom light, or both lights on
·The power cord is UL approved

·Dust cover and user manual
·Spare bulb :(MA07)
·Immersion oil

External dimension: 171x241 x508mm (height)
Shipping weight:7.7kg

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