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Hematocrit Mini Centrifuge Machine Mini-12K IntroductionDate:2021-07-28 10:37 Writer:admin

Detailed Introduction

Speed: 500~12000rpm (step 500rpm)               
Max. RCF: 9660×g                                           
Acceleration/Deceleration time: 12/16s               
Speed Accuracy: +-20r/min                                
Weight: 2.5kg                                              
Square Rotor#1:1.5ml/2.2ml×12+PCR0.2ml×8×4Row(12000rpm)
Rotor#2: PCR 0.2ml×12×4 Row (12000rpm)
Rotor#3:5ml*4 (12000rpm)
Rotor#4: Hematocrit 40mm*12(12000rpm)
Rotor#5: 5ml/1.8ml/1.1ml×4 (7000rpm)
The fastest acceleration time:≤12s
The fastest deceleration time:≤16s
Package Size:19*34*33 cm
GW: 2.5 kg

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