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Pipetting Straw IntroductionDate:2021-07-24 17:19 Writer:admin

Detailed Introduction

Pipetting Straw
1 ~ 100 ml, sodium calcium is qualitative, resistance to temperature 200 ℃.

Specifications Number Packaging Carton Size Gross Weight
5ml GL-A5 10only/box,240only/case 56X43X38cm 13kg
10ml GL-A10 10only/box,180only/case 57X38X38cm 12kg
20ml GL-A20 10only/box,120only/case 70X40X33cm 11kg
25ml GL-A25 10only/box,120only/case 70X40X33cm 11kg
50ml GL-A50 10only/box,60only/case 71X36X32cm 12kg
100ml GL-A100 10only/box,60only/case 77X49X35cm 14kg

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