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Nylon Brush IntroductionDate:2021-11-13 17:30 Writer:admin

Detailed Introduction

Nylon Brush
Lb-01 - white bristles, wooden handle, used with cleaning beakers and jars and similar containers. Brush head specification: 7 (maximum diameter) x 13cm. Full length: 41cm.
Lb-02-l nylon brush
Lb-03 - top of cone bristles, with two masses of bristle bristles below: 1.9 to 10cm, with total length of bristles: 24cm. Wooden handle. Brush length: 66cm.
Lb-04 - white hard nylon bristles, radiating spikes, resistant to chemical corrosion. Brush size: 3.5x 10.2cm, total length: 28cm. Packing: 12 / pk
Lb-05 - white hard nylon bristles, radiated spikes, wire handles. Total length: 22.9cm. Packing: 12 / pk
Lb-06 - white hard nylon bristles, radiating spikes. Brush size: 1.9x 8.9cm, total length: 22.9cm. Packing: 12 / pk
Lb-07 - hard nylon bristles, tapered brush size: 2.4 x 19cm. Total length: 43cm. Packaging: 43cm.
Lb-08 - for cleaning small test tubes. The brush has soft nylon bristles in the middle. Brush size: 1.3x 7.6cm. Total length: 61cm. Packaging: 12/pk.
Lb-09 - for cleaning of funnel neck and capillary tubes. Brush size: 1.3x 6.3cm, total length: 30cm. Packaging: 12/pk.
Lb-10 - helical brush, with tufts at the top. Brush size: 6.4 x 10cm, wooden handle. Total length: 30cm.
Lb-11-lb-10 elongated, wooden handle. Brush size: 7.6 x 13cm, total length: 41cm
Lb-12 - two clumps of bristles, brush size: 8 (diameter) x 14 (length) cm, wooden handle. Total length: 33cm.
Lb-13 - beaker brush, tufted brush, wooden handle. Chief: 41 cm
Lb-14-single-row bristles: 3.8 x 10.8cm, wire handle back to swivel, suspended: total length: 30cm. Packing: 12 / pk
Lb-15 - cylindrical nylon bristles, brush hairs: 12.7x5x33cm, packaging: 12/pk
Lb-16 - wire handle, tapered brush. Total length: 91cm. Packing: 12 / pk
Lb-17 - neisler color tube brush, wire handle. Brush diameter: 6cm, full length: 30.5cm. Packaging: 12/pk.
Lb-18 - neisler color tube brush, wire handle. Brush diameter: 6cm, full length: 50.8cm. Packaging: 12/pk.
Lb-19 - neisler color tube brush, wire handle. Brush diameter: 6cm, full length: 76.2cm. Packaging: 12/pk.
Lb-20 - full length 48cm, brush wool: 2.5x 10cm. Packaging: 12/pk.
Lb-21 - top ball brush: 4.4 x 5cm, handle brush: 1.3 x 7.6cm. Total length: 29cm. Packaging: 12/pk.

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