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Mfl-06 latest dual-use microscope (NEW) IntroductionDate:2021-11-11 17:24 Writer:admin

Detailed Introduction

Product Description:

MFL-06:Dual function microscope

It is a new member of our "My First Lab" series of products. The general microscope has only one light source, which is divided into upper light source and lower light source. The microscope of upper light source is mainly used to observe physical objects, such as jewelry, coin, printed matter, circuit board and so on. And the microscope of the light source, the light is shot up from below, use to observe specimen on glass, basically use biology teaching, medical science research, call biology microscope. Mfl-06 combines both the upper light source and the lower light source. So this baby won the award for the most Creative product from Creativechild magazine in 2007. See the yellow label on Creativechildonline.com, which is currently the largest online store in the us. A large number of customers have commented favorably. It is the number one selling children's microscope on amazon. Please also note that it is attached with a set of attachments for composite sheets. With it, you're taking the first step toward becoming a doctor for your child.

Lens USES high quality optical glass, same as professional medical microscope, high clear achromatic lens
Eyepiece: 10 times objective: 4 times 10 times 40 times

The low and low focusing wheel is easy for children to operate
Up and down two LED lamps, indoor and outdoor universal, LED bulb life up to 50,000 hours
Use three AA batteries
CE certification and dust cover

5 blank carrier slices
A microscope slide of a hole in a living body
4 composite tablets are available for immediate observation (animal, plant, human, household sundries, 4 types)
Two bottles of stain
1 pair of plastic tweezers
1 scalpel
1 plastic petri dish
1 plastic straw
2 plastic glass boxes
Cover glass
1 sheet mirror paper
Small stick
1 cotton swab with long handle
All right, your little lab is complete! Please note that children must use this laboratory under the guidance of adults. Safety first!
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