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Premiere? Microscopes and Laboratory Instruments features student-based and professional microscopes to full-grade professional laboratory instruments and centrifuges, all focused on performance, affordability, and quality.
My First Lab? features award-winning children’s educational microscopes, science products and experiment kits. We help kids discover, learn and grow and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based learning in our educational products.
Bio-Lion? Centrifuges set the standard. We offer a series of four laboratory centrifuges – high-speed, low-speed, refrigerated, and mini centrifuges.

Company Profile

Shanghai YouDing International Co., Ltd. is a professional exporting and manufacturing company specializing in the devices, equipment, vessels and supplies of the medical, teaching laboratory as well as hobby & toy supplies.

In addition to our own processing factories, we also have many domestic cooperative enterprises to ensure sufficient supply of a variety of products. We follow the technical quality requirement and service demand of the international market to produce and offer all kinds of products, seeking high quality and capability while paying more attention to the cost of products. We also accept OEM business. Our products not only sell well in the American-European market but also are popular in developing countries because of the lower price.

Quality, price and service are mission for this company. Our customer can fully expect fast service, high quality and reasonable price.

OEM is one of our major businesses. We are always looking for opportunity to work with new associates for mutual benefit and increased business.

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